Hey! My name is Will Bangs. I run Music Box Licensing and compose soundtracks. I have always been obsessed with music and film. I’ll never forget when I first saw films like “Friday Night Lights” or “Lost in Translation” about ten years ago. The way the cinematography and story played with the mood and instrumentation of the soundtrack completely captured my attention. This was about ten years ago. I continued to play music in all sorts of bands – from punk rock to bluegrass – toured the country, went to shows all the time and watched my favorite films in awe. This love of music and movies continued to simmer over the years.

A few years ago, after watching a film that I really enjoyed I sent a short email to the director to tell him how much I loved it. They happened to use music that had a similar aesthetic to what I record, so I let him know that if he ever needed music to let me know. To my surprise he took me up on it for an upcoming film. The crazy thing was that he had helped produce one of the biggest indie film success stories in the past decade or more.

The more involved I got in the world of music for films, the more I saw opportunities to be a match-maker of sorts between the amazing musicians and bands I love and the amazing filmmakers and producers I love. Music Box Licensing is a collection of talented musicians who have a unique and powerful sound to bring to the world of film and tv.  So, if you hear something you like on the site get in touch about licensing it for your next project. If you need something custom, by all means we’d love to craft something completely custom for your project. We’re always working  to craft your dream soundtrack.