When the Ocean Met the Sky


When The Ocean Met The Sky is a feature-length independent film that I scored. The film follows three twenty-something brothers who are sent on a wilderness adventure designed as the last will and testament of their late and eccentric parents. In order to gain their inheritance, the three must all complete the trek together. This film hits close to home for me as I’m the youngest of three boys. It was almost eerie how easily I connected with the film’s characters.

I worked closely with the film’s director, Lukas Huffman, during post-production to define a unique sound for the film. In our face-to-face meetings, I learned a lot about what he wanted the audience to feel scene to scene. In addition to watching multiple rough cuts, Lukas told me about other soundtracks that he dreamed as reference points for our score. This helped me define a unique sound palate of instrumentation, mood and tone. In the opening scene, I used a church organ to enhance the brother’s sense of reminisence of their late parents. Each melodic movement was timed exactly to the cuts in the picture to give a sense of coherence. In another scene use acoustic guitar, upright bass and hand claps to help lend movement and tone to a hiking scene in the woods.

The film has been picked up for worldwide distribution by The Orchard and has won over twenty awards (including a nomination for best score) at festivals worldwide. Here’s what Lukas has to say about working with me on the film: “Will’s passion for film allows him to write music that contributes to cinematic moments. His attention to detail in the production of music results in high quality recordings. And, it’s Will’s hard work ethic that enables him to keep fine tuning a score until it’s the best it can possibly be.” Lukas Huffman – Imagenation Films