I feel very lucky to compose music for stories that need to be heard. Little Blue: A Broken Promise is one such story. Produced by one of the world’s largest environmental law organizations, Little Blue shows the dangers and impact of coal ash on communities. I worked closely with the film’s producer and editor to create a custom soundtrack that pulls on the heart strings of the viewer. Engaging the viewers emotion plays such a huge role in getting people to care and get involved in solving a problem. The film continues to bring major attention to one of the biggest environmental problems in the U.S. Since it’s release the film has been watched over half a million times and has been picked up by major outlets like MSNBC.  Here’s what the filmmaker had to say about working with me on the project:

“The first time I heard Will’s music I knew I wanted to work with him, or maybe I was just looking for an excuse to listen to more of his awesome tracks. I hired him and the process of working with him was pure magic. For all of the tracks that ended up in the film, Will provided several more brilliant tunes that didn’t make the cut. He can bust out music at an unreal rate, almost like a photographer framing up a shots in various ways. Here’s the pure magic part though, when you work with Will you get to experience all of this talent while interacting with a really kind person. He makes both the film and the experience of making the film better.”

Chris Jordan-Bloch – Senior Multimedia Producer – EarthJustice