Forum is an indie/post-rock band from Oklahoma City. Formed in Early 2013, Forum is already picking up steam in the local scene. Before even releasing an official album, their music has been featured in a few Oklahoma City Thunder basketball commercials that aired during the playoffs. Their music stems from a love for delay pedals, reverb and Prairie Ale.

1. Tell me about the band. How did you all start playing music together? What are some of your most memorable moments as a band?

We have all been involved in the local music scene in Oklahoma City since middle school. Clay (drums), Joe (bass) and Alex (guitar) have been best friends and playing in bands together over the years. Tyler (guitar) is a few years older than the others and had his own bands so our paths crossed but it wasn’t until around 2008 after the bands we were in dissipated that I (Tyler) contacted Clay wondering if they would like to try and start something up. Right from the get go we hit it off. Our song writing chemistry just worked right away so we formed Map the Sea. We released an E.P. with that band and played a lot of great shows until 2011 when Clay had to move for work. In 2013 we found out that Clay was moving back so we decided to start up again but this time under a new name and with all new songs and sans a singer. Thus Forum was born.

Most memorable moments have definitely been in the studio recording for both Map the Sea and Forum. Being able to sit and nerd out for 30 minutes to get a delay setting for just one part of a song brings a little too much joy. We’ve also got to open for Moving Mountains and Appleseed Cast, which are obviously huge influences in the post rock scene.

2. I’d love to know about your creative process. If I were a fly on the wall in your studio – what would I see/hear? Are there particular people, places, things, ideas that inspire you to write music? What is your gear set-up? I’d love to know more about the layers, recording process, inspiration, etc. behind the songs off your new record.

When we first started up we’d dedicate whole Saturday afternoons to just writing and goofing around but since then everyones jobs have changed and a couple kids have come into the picture so we try to get in 2 or 3 practices a month. A typical practice involves way too many immature fart jokes and a good amount of just improving. Alex has a lot more time to song write at home so a lot of times he will come to practice with an idea and then we’ll build upon that. Other times we just plug in and just start playing.

We could almost do another post on just gear but its loosely as follows:
Clay: Truth Custom kit
Joe: Fender Jazz bass & Ampeg SVT pro amp
Alex: Gretch & Semi Hollow Tele, Bugera v55 amp
Tyler: American Deluxe Tele, Gibson SG, Splawn Street Rod and Sovtek mig 100 amps
And of course theres a zillion delay and reverb pedals mixed in there too. 😉

3. Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
I’d say the common ones that initially drew us together were Thrice, As Cities Burn, Explosions in the Sky, Appleseed Cast, Copeland, Jimmy Eat World, etc…

Alex has an borderline unhealthy obsession with The National and Interpol. I grew up listening to tons of punk and hardcore so I still spin stuff like that too. Clay and Joe jam a good amount of hip hop, which I know nothing about. haha.

4. If you could write the soundtrack for any filmmaker or tv show who/what would it be? Why?

We Joke around about when we write a new song if there isn’t some part in it that you could have coach Taylor giving a speech over it then we’ve failed. So if Friday Night Lights was still around we’d say give Explosions the boot and let us back it for a bit.

5. What’s your life like outside of music? How do you spend your time when you’re not writing music?

Outside of music, Tyler and Joe are both work for advertising agencies. Joe does film editing/production and I do graphic design so art and design is a big part of our lives.
My second child was just born so right now its a lot of diaper changing. Joe is recently engaged and is wedding planning. Alex is always writing music at home both for us and for his own side things as well as doing repair work on various ithings. Clay is our sports nut. If there’s an OU game or Thunder game, you can count on him being there.