The African Attachment


It’s been a pleasure finding the perfect soundtrack for this series promoting Salomon Running. This particular episode uses an ambient track from our library to thread the narrative, imagery and elevate the reverent mood of the film. The track was composed by Mark Wardale (AKA Row Boat).  He combines post-rock and ambient music in the form of ethereal and sweeping layers while incorporating strings, piano, bowed guitars and horns. On the surface it’s a very simple piece of music with an almost glacial movement. However, his music like the imagery of this film invites closer attention. This song, like many of Mark’s began at the piano: “I spend a lot of time on the piano and because a lot of the songs I do have many elements to them I sometimes start by creating a particular texture or atmosphere. The melodies of the songs tend to come after this. I have a great appreciation for orchestral instruments and the piano and do like to bring in violins and horn sections to make a big sound.” I’m extremely lucky to work with such  a down-to-earth and talented composer like Mark. For more information on Mark’s craft, process and writing for film, check out his interview.