The Golden Light Swelled


Time stands still – sounds like it’s coming from the cosmos. The grit and texture surrounding the notes gives it as much shape as the melodies plunked out across the piano. It’s not going anywhere in particular, but it’s not staying still. Just meandering like a little kid only minding what’s right in front of them and following their instinct.

The snow falls upwards
– What seems like one unified wall of sound is actually several separate layers weaving in and out of time with one another. Put on a pair of headphones. You’ll hear what I mean. The title perfectly captures the mood of the piece. A time when magic happens. When your main character is in and out of time reflecting on what he’s learned. A moment of realization.

Home –
This track reminds me of The Album Leaf. It’s a simple song with basically two parts – a repeating, melancholic chord progression played slowly on Rhodes electric piano. Underneath that the sound bed of an angelic organ floats above. This song is impressionistic. A beautiful vignette. A meditation on a thought or a feeling. It doesn’t venture far off like The Golden Light Swelled. In all of our striving day to day, this song embodies the moment and tells me, I am exactly where I need to be right now.

Aquarius –
Unlike the other tracks, Aquarius is fast-paced. However, the recording is intimate. You can hear the foot pedals moving on the piano. The xylophone is played with delicacy. It reminds me a bit of the Amelie soundtrack. It’s modern classical music equally at home in a conservatory concert hall and in a polished story on screen. Classically trained with accessible aesthetics.