For Filmmakers

Your audience will lose themselves in your art.

Time can stand still when you find the perfect match of music and film, but finding that perfect match is not easy. That’s where we come in. We support the arc of your story through music licensing, custom soundtracks, and original film scores. Our music, expertise and passion helps set the mood, tone and feeling of a film. 

We make the post-production process as melodic as the music we provide.

Working with us is easy, enjoyable, and meaningful. Not sure how to describe what you’re looking for in musical terms? No problem. I, Will Bangs, have a background in both film and music. I can help translate and bridge the gap between those two worlds. Tired of spending days combing through music libraries trying to find just the right track? No problem. I also knows our library inside and out. I’ll put together a custom playlist for you within 24 hours. I know my artists’ aesthetics and availability. I can connect you with the right musician to craft your dream soundtrack from scratch. We don’t just have a library of tracks – we have a community of some of the most talented musicians out there. Tired of working with companies that don’t know what you really need or want? I work with a small number of filmmakers on a lot of projects. Through those relationships we develop a unique sound and customized workflow for filmmakers. We can be flexible with project pricing as we know every project’s different.  

Our music helps tell the stories of brands and non-profits. music-box-licensing-clients

Will Bangs. What can I say? I wish everyone I worked with—no, everyone I knew at all—was as helpful, talented, and pleasant as Will. His enthusiasm, turnaround speed, and willingness to work with others visions are as impressive as anyone I have ever met. And maybe best of all, his music is downright beautiful. I truly can’t recommend Will enough. Working with him was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Brad Horn – The Washington Post

Our music helps tell stories from independent filmmakers. 


As a filmmaker, I can’t say enough about Will Bangs. He’s incredibly talented and I frequently return to him for more music for my documentaries and narratives. Someday I won’t be able to get him because he will be too busy. Super talented and super friendly.

Tim Skousen – Moxie Pictures + Napoleon Dynamite

We have the music. You have the film. Let’s make magic happen.